June 28, 2017

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Zoloft: Treatment and Side Effects

Zoloft: Treatment and Side Effects

How do you survive intense anxiety and pain?

Question by lol: How do you survive intense anxiety and pain?
I’m on a candida treatment, and the candida die off has me in extreme pain and anxiety… how do you survive? I know there is nothing that can help, because this is artificially induced, but how do I get through it?

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Answer by chillin

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Exposure Treatment for Phobias

Dr Jeffrey Wood, clinical psychologist and executive coach, descripes exposure treatment, the most effective psychological treatment for phobias. Find more information about Dr. Wood at www.drjeffreywood.com.
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how do you not feel ashamed of having an anxiety condition where you feel panicky and nervous constantly?

Question by ∫e mousquetaire XVI: how do you not feel ashamed of having an anxiety condition where you feel panicky and nervous constantly?
i feel weak and inadequete and inferior, because i want to be in control, calm and confident, able to hold my own, but with this extreme anxiety that im waiting for treatment for, i feel panicky, nervous and anxious regularly…..i struggle to go outside and do anything, i fear something pad will happen to me whilst out, i feel intimidated by other males sometimes outside to…..i jump and i’m easily startled at loud noises….i think i have ptsd to as well as the bpd, because of a traumatic life, where ive been bullied, abused, attacked and victimized.

how can i not view myself as being weak or inadequete or inferior because of my fear and anxiety condition?
i’m 30 now to
everytime i have to deal with people or go outside anywhere, i have major panic attacks….and it makes me feel ridiculous.

i want to be a calm, confident tough guy like lone wolf mc quade.

i put high expectations on myself but never make them.
i pressurize myself to be confident and calm, but i can never do it and always panic

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Answer by nan4bunny
my dear, there is so much medicine out there for people like you.please go see a Dr. so you can enjoy life. for again life is to short.

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What is the treatment for a kleptomaniac?

Question by Miss Adalia: What is the treatment for a kleptomaniac?
I think I’m a kleptomaniac. I also suffer from depression/anxiety/ocd and I have medication for them. However in the past few months I have had irresistible impulses to steal things and most of the time I dont even want the thing I steal. I just feel so much better after I do.

Am I possibly kleptomaniac?

And also, what would the treatment for kleptomania be?

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Answer by Regina
I believe its the same medications as you would take for OCD. Both are impulse control disorders. Talk to your psychiatrist about it. Perhaps you’re not taking enough of your medications and this is an offshoot of your conditions.

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What are some treatment options for social anxiety disorder/social phobia?

Question by Joeschmo: What are some treatment options for social anxiety disorder/social phobia?
I was diagnosed with social anxiety disorder about 3 years ago. I’m 19 and only have several friends in high school. I get extremely nervous and uncomfortable in social situations with people I don’t know. I made no friends and talked to virtually no one in my first year of college. I was prescribed Zoloft and took it for 2 years and it had no effect. I don’t want to go back on drugs but I’m miserable and don’t know what else to do. Does any have experience with social anxiety disorder or no someone who has it? What worked for them? Should I try another type of SSRI such as Paxil CR or some other kind of drug?

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Answer by shaneris5
View the information and weblinks for social anxiety/shyness, and self confidence, in sections 9, and 38, at http://www.ezy-build.net.nz/~shaneris Here is an exercise that can help you. It is called “Act as If.” When you are in a social situation, act as if you are outgoing. Talk more, smile at everyone, ask questions, speak in a normal or excited tone, not a meek tone. Watch some of your outgoing peers, and imitate the style of their social behavior.

Research shows that when you “act as if” continually, your image of yourself begins to conform to your new behavior. In this case, you will gain self-esteem and self-confidence, and begin to see yourself as socially normal, not shy. You will become more socially successful, and this will motivate you to continue your new social behavior until it becomes a habit.

Try this for a month, in every situation you can. I am confident that you will become much more comfortable and outgoing. One form of therapy is to go somewhere that nobody knows you, and deliberately make an utter fool of yourself: put on a paper hat, and scream out: “I’m queen/king of America!”, or something else ridiculous, then get back in the taxi, (warn the driver of your intentions, first) or car, and leave.

People will point, and say: “Look at that idiot”. But, you’re probably not up to the stage where you can do that, yet (I can, and I used to be shy). It will teach you that, although it isn’t actually pleasant, you will survive; be stronger for the experience, and the next time (should you need to repeat this type of therapy) will be considerably easier. Remember: “A fear avoided is a fear strengthened; a fear faced is a fear reduced.” Regard it as your final test: once you have accomplished it, the barrier will be broken; just don’t go too far, the other way! Learn to laugh at yourself, and give a big, cheesy grin when others see you do something foolish, as we all do, occasionally. It is endearing, if you don’t do it too often. Use positive affirmations: for example: “I am very likable and other people feel comfortable around me”.

Write down all of your self limiting beliefs; then write down the positive counter of them, (exact opposite) and repeat them and imprint them into your mind.
Most importantly: Force yourself to approach somebody and initiate some sort of communication. Start out small by asking the time and directions and gradually go bigger.

Although there are anti-anxiety medications (anxiolytics) available, these come with risks, and the possibility of side effects, habituation, even addiction, and withdrawal problems, and are unsuitable for young people.

Try having a cup of “Tension Tamer”, herbal tea, by Celestial Seasonings, (from supermarket tea, or health food aisles) or make some at home, and cool, then bottle, and drink as needed (I find it so strong tasting, that I need to drink it quickly, followed by something like fruit juice, to take away the taste, but others may find it more tolerable). C(h)amomile tea is a more palatable option. As with all herbal/green teas, use lemon/lime, and/or a little sweetener (NOT ARTIFICIAL!!!) but no cream, or milk.

Xylitol, or Stevia is preferable, (health food stores) or fruit sugar (fructose, such as “Fruisana”, from supermarket sugar aisles) or even a little honey, because these will reduce “sugar spikes”. Valerian has also been recommended, but some people experience “valerian hangovers”. Ensure you know how you react to it, before doing something potentially dangerous, like going out on the roads. The idea is to use the above like water wings, to provide initial, short term support, while you become proficient in the above techniques.

Rewind your mistakes. Let’s say you want to change an annoying laugh that you have, when you hear something funny, your old laugh will come out. You have to immediately think of what you wanted to happen, (i.e. your new, practiced laugh) and then do it immediately. It will be a little bit late, but slowly you will start to pair the two together, and eventually your brain will become conditioned to switch the first for the second. It usually takes 30 – 40 repetitions, to instill a new habit, with most people, so I estimate a similar amount, in the reprogramming process.

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Vitreous Eye Floater Laser Surgery by John Karickhoff, MD

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Stop Comparing Yourself To Other People from www.sociallypositive.com

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