June 28, 2017

how do you not feel ashamed of having an anxiety condition where you feel panicky and nervous constantly?

Question by ∫e mousquetaire XVI: how do you not feel ashamed of having an anxiety condition where you feel panicky and nervous constantly?
i feel weak and inadequete and inferior, because i want to be in control, calm and confident, able to hold my own, but with this extreme anxiety that im waiting for treatment for, i feel panicky, nervous and anxious regularly…..i struggle to go outside and do anything, i fear something pad will happen to me whilst out, i feel intimidated by other males sometimes outside to…..i jump and i’m easily startled at loud noises….i think i have ptsd to as well as the bpd, because of a traumatic life, where ive been bullied, abused, attacked and victimized.

how can i not view myself as being weak or inadequete or inferior because of my fear and anxiety condition?
i’m 30 now to
everytime i have to deal with people or go outside anywhere, i have major panic attacks….and it makes me feel ridiculous.

i want to be a calm, confident tough guy like lone wolf mc quade.

i put high expectations on myself but never make them.
i pressurize myself to be confident and calm, but i can never do it and always panic

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Answer by nan4bunny
my dear, there is so much medicine out there for people like you.please go see a Dr. so you can enjoy life. for again life is to short.

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  1. Pacito says:

    I know this sounds like cheap advice but so many people have been there. I have experienced it too but fortunately I was lucky and grew in a very secure environment. I’m very tall and big so the intimidation part didn’t happen to me. I really am sorry for anyone who suffers like that but treatment really does work. With help you will get over it and F**k the b*****s that made you feel that way. Chin up and patience.

  2. Winniethepooh says:

    You say you are waiting for treatment I am assuming this is CBT therapy a proven well researched therapy used for panic and anxiety disorders. This therpay will help challenge your negative and unhelpful thoughts that you have those including you are weak and inadequate. Challenging and confronting those thoughts are a way forward into recovery you cannot just simply stop thinking and feeling the way you do so anyone who trys to tell you “just stop” is wrong you need help and I suggest if its not CBT your waiting for go back to GP and ask a course of ssri might help with the anxiety as well there are some pretty good ones out there for high anxiety and panic attacks you may have to try several untill you find the right one for you. If you need further info about CBT go to link below it has all the info you need.

  3. just me says:

    you no, I’ve been there and eventually you gutta say, people will like me just the way I am or F**k ‘em, they aren’t worth it. Of course get meds and try that philosphe .

  4. compassionate-angel says:

    Many people suffer from this disorder, and you are definately not alone..probably suprizingly to you to find out..panic attacks and anxiety can easily be controlled by a miracle drug called xanax,..you fear what it outside, because of the bullying you suffered and your trust of mankind is temporarily gone. You probably feel that anytime you could be jumped again, which puts you on the defensive. That is why you fear the unknown..and a pill like xanax is so calming, and can help you have a more rational view of society at least while you are getting therapy for what others have done for you..Isn’t ironic though, that those same people are going on with their lives, and the victims are still suffering. I would like you to call the system, and find out what happened to them. They might very well be in prison right now..but don’t let them keep you in one…Good Luck, but don’t feel ashamed for what others have done to you..get angry, get proud, and get over it…and go on with your life

  5. trysh_mc says:

    I often feel that way but I am working towards taking control of my life and not allowing my depression and anxiety to get the best of me.

    Try different things…not just medication. Exercise, meditation or prayer.

    Once you start working on taking control, then you can start feeling more confidant because you’re doing the best you can.

    Be blessed.

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