June 28, 2017

Zoloft: Treatment and Side Effects

Zoloft: Treatment and Side Effects


  1. louis4259 says:

    found your video very interesting been on zoloft for a while now i work very early starts so sleeping is no problem now i have the leg jerks every so often but not much anymore at first i had a very serious night fear anxiety but touch wood i seem to be on the plus sides of your board now my kindest regards Louis i guess everyone is different

  2. Sinobabaz7 says:

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  3. anebturia says:

    @gillmore718 There are always side effects when the body undergoes a serious change. Zoloft’s side effects for me went away, minus the fatigue. However, the fatigue was worse when I hit the peri-menopausal, PMDD black hole. There was a psychisatrist that told me SSRIs shift sleep cycles, and that may account for its effect on sleep quality. There are also side effects when the body begins heavy exercise for the first time. Its ability to clear lactic acid buildup improves with time.

  4. 1nevi says:

    high amount of omega 3, daylight( if not possible daylight lamps ) reducing sugar, caffein,alcohol,cigarette obviously helps much more than zoloft for me.. Talk to your doctor before you decide what to do, DO NOT START OR STOP ZOLOFT WITHOUT TALKING TO A PRO.!!

  5. Flamestar1989 says:

    This is a very good video. I do believe that he is right about the sleep causing additional side effects, as our mental health issues are always exacerbated when we are tired. Things like… Anxiety, Social Phobia, OCD, Depression, ADD/ADHD. I’ve suffered from all these to some strong degree and they always manifest whenever tired. I think the link between a lack of sleep and these illnesses should be thoroughly investigated.

  6. enzyme20056 says:

    @anebt what options do you have then, ?
    my psychologist has told me to get more sunlight in the day even tho im not vitamin D deficient, I have been wanting to buy a Lux lamp for seasonal affective disorder hoping that would help me now that we are going into winter, the weather is so dreary and depressing anyway.

  7. sheebah95 says:

    I have been on zoloft for 11 years, had a few minor side effects but they go away once your body gets used to it, zoloft really worked for me, but it’s not for everyone!
    I have a chemical imbalance and no amount of cognitive behaviour therapy is going to solve that.

  8. enzyme20056 says:

    @anebt yes depression is such a nuisance, sometimes i feel just awful for no apparent reason , but my family has a history of major depression,. some people become more depressed as they transition into the menopause, but i hope you feel better eventually.  I have heard of people trying hormone therapy for anxiety/low mood .

  9. enzyme20056 says:

    @brystonfan everyone knows you have to do more than take drugs to treat depression, a combination therapy is what is best for depression of course first line treatment is cognitive behaviour therapy and life style changes, if that fails pharmacological treatments can be used. Ive found out that antidepressants are a mixed bag of good and bad, but people should not think that they will be on them forever,. but you know, you have to keep trying, in time better treatments will be discovered i hope

  10. shield770 says:

    man who dont take the medication will never be healthi again !!!

  11. uselube69 says:

    This stuff makes me sleep and I had insomnia for 15 years?

  12. Davidvideos83 says:

    I started on Wellbutrin, next to Celexa, then it was Effexor, Then from there is was Cymbalta. When I first started on anti-depressants they felt like just what I needed. I felt good, I laughed a lot, I always was in a positive optimistic mood. Believe it or not it all started with just one pill Wellbutrin which was administered just after my coming clean off of street drugs and alcohol addiction. Currently I am on: hydroxiyzine, trazodone, clontidine, and Cymbalta. I feel like killing myself. ☹

  13. brystonfan says:

    zoloft,wellbutrin,prozac,paxil.effexor,luvox,seriquill,depacote, almost destroyed my life,was on a continuous rotation for 15 yrs,was still depressed and overweight and very physically sick all the time. today i take no meds(5 yrs now) am not depressed have stopped smoking, eat healthy, exercise, am lean again, got my health back. . almost got arrested recently because i told my story, dont trust the fda, dont trust psychiatry or most doctors now, stop using soy products, get some sun.

  14. miserere01 says:

    The gullibility of you people leads to my depression. 29 million happy customers of Zoloft. Oh, but hey, 11 people think this dipshit with a camera must be right, he has a whiteboard and a suit!

  15. blacktoothgriner says:

    Only the body sleeps.
    The mind never sleeps.

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