June 28, 2017

Anxiety Disorder

What Is Anxiety Disorder and what are Its Various Types?

Disturbed sleeping patterns, complicated personal lives and a monotonous working schedule, has resulted in more and more people suffering from a disorder called anxiety. As per the statistics, approximately 19 million Americans in the age group of 15-54 years suffer from one or the other anxiety disorder, and there are thousands of those who suffer from more than one type of anxiety disorder. The statistics are indeed alarming and very distressing. Because of our so called very busy life, where we have absolutely no time for love and relaxation, most of our colleagues, friends and even family members are getting diagnosed with anxiety disorders.

Have you ever tried to find out what exactly anxiety is, what triggers it and what are its various types?

In case you haven’t and are now experiencing some sort of nervousness at work or at home, then, my friend, it is the right time to get acquainted with every  possible information related to this disorder, so that you can protect yourself from falling into the strong clutches of this illness.

What exactly is Anxiety?

Anxiety can be defined as a state wherein a person experiences fear, stress and worry. It makes the person uneasy, annoyed and fearful. For a normal person, it is like a reaction to stress, but when things become a little difficult and such a feeling develops more frequently, it turns into an anxiety disorder. Anxiety may not be considered as an illness, but anxiety disorder is a serious mental illness, which must be treated at the earliest. Anxiety can also be a symptom of underlying heart disease.

There are various types of anxiety disorders. And different people from different age group suffer from one or the other type of disorder that may or may not be a result of any condition, situation or an event. Because of the increasing pressure in almost all the age groups, this illness is now getting noticed in people from all the ages. Be it a school student, a graduate, a fresher at work or a veteran in the executive position, anxiety disorder has gripped millions of people in its very strong clutches.

Now that you know what anxiety is, it is important for you to get accustomed with the various types of anxiety disorders. In the following strides, you’ll find out all the different types of disorders that are counted as anxiety.

Types of Anxiety Disorders

Panic Disorder: Whenever a person feels terrorized, scared and starts panicking, he is more likely suffering from a panic disorder. This feeling of fright can arise from almost anything and everything. It may arise from the knock on a door, a phone call, a paper cut or anything that may not alarm a normal person, but certainly scares a person suffering from anxiety disorder. There may or may not be any stimulus that triggers panicking, but a long monotonous phase of depression, loneliness and terror may result in such a condition.

Symptoms of a Panic Attack are following:

  1. Excessive palpitations
  2. Sweating
  3. Chest Pain
  4. A feeling of choking
  5. Person going totally crazy and out of control, running for rescue.

Panic attacks usually surface in early adulthood and late adolescence.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): In case a person has undergone a traumatic event in the past, which had a very bad and depressing impact on his life, then chances of developing a PTSD are immense. It develops only after some disturbing or a harrowing experience. Frightening thoughts,
numbness and a constant feeling of fear and panic are commonly noticed in people suffering from PTSD.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: People suffering from OCD are obsessed with some or the other thing or a ritual, which they compulsively perform on a regular basis. Their thoughts about something become so strong that they become obsessive about it and because of extreme anxiety they are bound to act on it or perform it out of compulsion. Like, some people are obsessed about keeping their house clean and they keep on doing dusting, similarly there are people who are scared of germs and out of OCD they keep washing their hands.

Phobias: There are various types of phobias that people suffer from like Acrophobia- fear of heights, aviophobia- fear of flying, similarly people fear from cleaning and bathing, fear of water and fear of snakes. All these phobias arise because of anxiety and take a mammoth face and become anxiety disorder.

Other types of anxiety disorders are social anxiety disorder and generalized anxiety disorder.