June 28, 2017

About How Anxiety Episodes Result in Substantial Outcomes On The Lives Of People

In many cases, anxiety attacks develop when we least count on them to happen. In most circumstances, this condition occurs when we are going via our routines. An anxiety attack causes lots of quite uncomfortable physical signs and symptoms. In accordance with medical professionals, an anxiety attack causes wellness palpitations, increased in blood pressure, hot flashes, trembling, chest pains, nausea, dizziness and other people. Anxiety attack causes some individuals to panic that they sometimes do some actually embarrassing stuff.
Although anxiousness attack causes only mild to moderate symptoms, the continuous exposure of someone to the signs and symptoms of anxiousness attacks could trigger lots of hard to his or her body. Studies show that people who continually suffer from anxiety attacks are much more prone to heart illnesses and hypertension compared to those who do not have anxiousness attacks. In addition, anxiousness attack causes someone to shed his or her self self-confidence. People that continually knowledge panic attacks normally find it complicated to lead a usual life. Several people who applied to become successful in their fields lost their profession simply because they could no longer function properly resulting from this mental disorder.
Dealing With Folks With Anxiety Attacks
In lots of circumstances, prolonged anxiety attack trigger a person to develop a kind of morbid fear of dying or losing his or her thoughts. For these people, the fear of dying or losing their minds is quite real that they tend to be obsessed with this concept. In truth, some people who’re suffering from panics are so convinced that they are dying or losing their minds that they tend to feel of nothing at all else but dying and going crazy.
It is not uncommon for these people to rush towards the hospital just about every now and after that feeling particular that they are doing to die any minute if someone does not give them the proper medical attention. Naturally this scenario could be pretty irritating for the folks in the emergency space but an individual who’s suffering from an anxiousness attack is usually pretty persistent. Since he or she believes that he or she can be a severe medical condition, he or she will not seriously cease pestering the medical doctors inside the emergency space until someone give him or her something. In dealing with this kind of conditions, doctors and nurses should just give that person some placebo and after that send him or her more than towards the psychiatric wing with the hospital for some therapy.

Beating Panic and Anxiety Attacks

I was once a confident, happy person who had a healthy social life, a good job and a loving girlfriend. One sunny day, I was walking through a park with my girlfriend when I was jumped by gang of drunk youths demanding money from me. I told them repeatedly I didn’t have any money but one of them kicked me to the ground whilst the others started to kick and punch me. The attack seemed to last a lifetime, all I heard was my girlfriend screaming for them to stop. Eventually, they were chased away by a park ranger who called for an ambulance. 

Since that day I have been scarred both mentally and physically to the point I wouldn’t leave my house, my friends called on me all the time but I just turned them away. My girlfriend couldn’t cope anymore and we split, I was a mess. I relied on my family to do everything for me. I lost my job as I wouldn’t leave the house.

I began to get worse and started to have panic and anxiety attacks to the point that the slightest bang or noise could set me off, my chest would get tight, my breathing would be sharp and my heart felt like it was going to burst out of my chest it was beating so hard. 

Months past and I knew I had to do something to cure these attacks, I kept telling myself no one could live life like this. I made an appointment to see my physician. He prescribed me Propranolol also known as beta blockers, used to lower the effects of anxiety. I started taking them and found I was becoming dependent on them, I took them without having to think about it and I often thought about stopping altogether but was apprehensive, so I didn’t.

After two years of taking Propranolol I was sill in the same position as I was before. I started to look to the internet for other ways to cure anxiety attacks, I found an online forum for people who suffered panic and anxiety attacks just like me. I remember thinking to myself WOW! Other people who are going through similar experiences to me. I made a few friends and found other ways of overcoming these attacks. Other cures, my Propranolol only helped when I was having an attack, but it is not a long term solution, you’ll probably find its the same with all prescribed drugs. I weened my way off the Propranolol and tried rescue remedy as recommended by another forum member. Again this is another short term solution that helps to soothe the symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks but at least it was natural. 

I set my own little personal goals like going out by myself and going to the store to buy milk, I did this everyday and kept to it. If you face your fear you’ll start to tell yourself there’s no real danger, it’s all in your head but if you leave it and don’t face your fear you’ll only get worse and you’ll never be able to live your life. 

I depended on a friend who stuck by me throughout my ordeal, he went places with me I was unsure of and encouraged me to take the next step. We went out regularly to the bar and went to the movies, it was good to have someone who I could trust.

When I felt I was getting anxious I started to do breathing exercises and kept telling myself it was all in my head, I would force myself to see these situations through, i.e standing in line at the bank or going to get my hair cut, I knew running away wasn’t the answer. It started to get easier but all it would take was a loud noise or something unexpected to happen for it all to start again. It was horrible. 

I then came across a post on the forum that suggested another method of curing anxiety attacks using self hypnosis. I read up on it and found out that I could change the way I perceive anxious situations, turning scary situations into well, not so scary situations. Changing my negative thoughts into positive ones. I know that anxiety is all in the head and reading the forum I found that others have been able to cure anxiety attacks using self hypnosis, so I sent off for the audio program. 

I received the cd and started to listen to it almost everyday. I got so used to hearing the cd I could just get on with whatever I was doing whilst not really concentrating, as it works on your sub conscious mind you are still taking in what’s on the cd without realizing it. Anyway, I started to feel the difference within a few weeks. Months had passed and I was still listening to the cd, it was part of my daily routine. I’m now finding I’m going out more, I’m not as worried about possible anxious situations, the what ifs I might face and not worried about large groups of people. Maybe its all in the mind, but I do feel a noticeable difference. I have a new job, I’m socializing again and I’ve been on my first vacation in years. 

I still have anxious moments, but they are not half as bad as they were before. I still carry around Rescue Remedy and I continue my breathing exercises without thinking but because I know that its all in my mind I keep telling myself I will get through this, possibly without anyone even noticing. I can just get on with it and enjoy my life. 

A few years have passed since I first started doing something about my panic and anxiety attacks and I feel great. I’m in a steady relationship, I go out with my friends and I enjoy my life. A few years ago I’d never had thought this possible. So if you’re going through something similar to what I had gone through then there is light at the end of the tunnel. Don’t despair join a support group there are plenty online just Google it. Also take a look at my Squidoo lens Beat Panic Attacks Now for alternative solutions and remedies for curing anxiety attacks, share your thoughts with others who visit my article and let me know what you think. Remember you are not alone and you too will get through this just as I have. Thanks for reading.

Jemma Kidd on the Lorraine Kelly Show: The Linden Method by Charles Linden

Charles Linden helps Jemma Kidd recover from anxiety and panic attacks. The linden method can help cure your panic attacks much like they have helped Jemma Kidd. This was shown on the Loraine show.Go here tinyurl.com to learn more and order the method.
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Charles Linden interviewed about The Linden Method by Jeni Barnett on LBC Radio this week.
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Q&A: Extreme upper back pain after a day of anxiety attacks?

Question by Melissa J: Extreme upper back pain after a day of anxiety attacks?
I had an anxiety attack on saturday at 5 pm so I took some xanax. (.5) I’ve been taking two because one doesn’t do anything. Then I had another one at 2 am and again at 6am. Ever since then my upper back by my right lung hurts so bad even when I breathe. Is this connected? What should I do?

Best answer:

Answer by Hann<3
Yeah i get this when I’m anxious and panicky. It’s where you tense your muscles and then suddenly release them which makes them really hurt. Take some paracetamol or ibruprofen (NOT BOTH) and put a heat pad on or a hot water bottle. Also try getting in the bath because you are relaxing and the steam is really refreshing.

If the meds you are taking aren’t helping your anxiety go back to your doctor and let them prescribe you something stronger as this might solve a lot of your issues :)

Good luck x

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Linden Method Causes Of Anxiety – Bereavement [Bereavement And Anxiety]

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how do i get medical marijuana license for panic attacks and anxiety?

Question by ironfists44: how do i get medical marijuana license for panic attacks and anxiety?
I’m 22 bipolar, and get severe anxiety attacks. I’m on ativan for anxiety, prozac for depression, and abilify for racing thoughts. The only thing that calms me down is pot. I have a phsyciatrist, and two therapists.
Whats the best way to go about getting a license?
-I live in Colorado

Best answer:

Answer by YodyMan in the USA
Psychiatrists are medical doctors and therefore can write prescriptions for medicines you need.

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Q&A: My boyfriend has bad anxiety attacks. What should i do?

Question by Georgia M: My boyfriend has bad anxiety attacks. What should i do?
basically. my boyfriend has really severe anxiety attacks.. he said if he’s thinking about something and it really gets to him, he feels this imense pain from inside of him like ripping him inside out. it can last up to a week and he usually passes out. I hate seeing him in pain is there anything i can do?!
Thanks for all your help guys, but is there anything I *personally* can do to calm him down or anything?

Best answer:

Answer by Robbie N
There are medical t

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Q&A: Can I go into Urgent Care for Anxiety Attacks?

Question by : Can I go into Urgent Care for Anxiety Attacks?
I’d like to go into Urgent Care after work for my Anxiety Attacks. They always come at night when I try to sleep. Not quite sure why, but I would really like to try to avoid tonights. I’m not sure if it’s really accepted to take them there though. Any idea? I don’t want to wait to make an appointment with my doctor. It could be atleast three weeks.

Best answer:

Answer by LadyLynn
Yes, you can definitely go to Urgent Care for anxiety attacks. All of the doctors at Urgent Care are just “primary doctors.”
Hint: I highly recommend you take your mother, father, or any older relative with you into the small room with the doctor. You’ll get more attention, and overall better *service.* That person can vouch for you, ask pertinent questions, and take notes. Trust me!
Good luck tonight! :)

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in the middle of an attack

first hand what its like for me
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Q&A: Is it true that doctors can “prescribe” a person with anxiety/panic attacks a pet as therapy?

Question by Desiree M: Is it true that doctors can “prescribe” a person with anxiety/panic attacks a pet as therapy?
I have always suffered from horrible anxiety attacks, and nothing seems to help. I have been given different types of medicines for it but they seem to only temporarily fix the problem. Recently, one of my neighbors informed me that he has the same problem and his doctor suggested having a pet as therapy for it. I have heard of this before. Is this true? Can a pet really be good for these types of things? And if so, do doctors really “prescribe” pets?

Best answer:

Answer by Mesmerized
Well, all I know is that my 2 dogs, 1 bird and a guinea pig all make my life a happier one. Animals bring love and companionship in a way people just can’t. Animals don’t judge you, don’t yell, don’t manipulate or put demands on you. All they want is to love and be loved. I have many medical issues as well as severe anxiety, and it really does help having animals around. My dogs seem to know when I am feeling extra bad/depressed and when that happens they don’t leave my side. :)

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