June 28, 2017

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Q&A: What is getting an EKG (electrocardiogram) like / How will having anxiety during the test affect the results?

Question by tigersuit: What is getting an EKG (electrocardiogram) like / How will having anxiety during the test affect the results?
For those of you who have had it done, what it is like? How long does it take? How long is it until you know the results?

Part 2 of the question: how will having a lot of anxiety/nervousness/stress while the EKG is being performed affect the results of the test?
I’m a 20 year old male and have been experiencing a pounding heart, highly elevated heart rate, palpitations, fast pulse and so on and my doctors all attribute it to anxiety/panic attacks (which I am known to have frequently) but just to be sure I’ll be given an EKG later this week. What I’m concerned about though is that the simple knowledge that I am being hooked up to something that specifically monitors my heart will make me much more conscious of it, thus raising my anxiety and also raising my heart rate a large amount and potentially causing other problems that might be worrying in a situation of anxiety like that but would go away once I was back home and felt relaxed again.

For example, I have a heart rate/BP monitor here at home and on the morning of a doctor’s appointment before I left I used it and got a reading of 125/79 with a HR of 93bpm. I then stopped at a pharmacy on the way in to do a double check using a different machine they had there and it was 130/81 with a HR of 97. Then when I was at the doctor’s office he hooked me up to a thing that beeped in tune with my heart rate and I was very nervous about it and my reading there ended up being 155/92 with a HR of 138bpm. An hour or two later I tried again using my own BP/HR monitor when I got back home and got a reading of 122/78 with a HR of 87bpm. So I’m worried that they’ll think I have something I don’t because of how my anxiety affects my heart rate in those situations. Either that or the opposite: they’ll blame the anxiety I had during the test as the reason for any abnormalities when in fact there may be something wrong regardless of the anxiety. How likely are either one of these scenarios to happen? If it turns out there is or is not a problem, will the EKG show that no matter what my current BP/HR at the time is?

The more info (from people experienced in this field, preferably) I could get on this stuff the better.

Best answer:

Answer by Winni
Hey! I’m still a kid in my teens & I’ve had 3 EKG’s so far. It’s really nothing to worry about! First off, the nurse will have you change into this robe like gown. Then, someone with a monitor & wires will come in. He/She will put these sticky pads onto your body; chest, legs, & neck (usually). Then, the person will hook the wires onto the stick pads & press the button. Don’t worry! The wires are on the sticky pads for less than a MINUTE! It takes about 30 seconds – a minute and the wires come off! It really doesn’t hurt or anything, and you don’t feel a THING! Don’t worry. The first time I had my EKG I was TERRIFIED! My heart was probably beating differently, but trust me, the results won’t change. I’ve had 3, and the results have been either the same or very similar.

I really hope this helps!! & good luck with your EKG! I’m sure it’ll be fine! :)

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Beta Blockers for Driving Test anxiety.?

Question by spice w: Beta Blockers for Driving Test anxiety.?
Have failed 6 tests,due to extreme nerves.

Fine in lessons, but as soon as test day appears. I completley fall apart, and forget how to drive !!

So been told to get Beta Blockers from Doctor.

Do they have any side effects ? Will they work ?

Best answer:

Answer by debi_0712
Are you familiar with the human body and the hormones responsible for the fight or flight syndrome? Laymans terms here.

Have you ever got so angry at someone that you felt your heart race, your skin got hot and flushed, and you started shaking?
That is your adreniline racing throughout your body- to get your body ready for – ‘fighting or flighting’

the beta blocker inhibits this or slows this from happening in your body, so it does affect your heart by slowing the rate somewhat and your should take your pulse. So my advice for you, if you do decide to get them, please have your doctor give you a quick checkup and ensure that you will not have any adverse affects from these, ok? I was prescribed Tenormin in the 80′s for anxiety attacks and they did help. beta blockers are also said to help with stage fright, again, the adrenaline racing in your body. Too much caffiene can have the same affect, so lay off the coffee and soft drinks ! Good luck!

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struggling with anxiety. huge test to take. help?

Question by Reena: struggling with anxiety. huge test to take. help?
i’m so worried. i have really bad anxiety and i cant study….

Best answer:

Answer by Maxwell Whitson
go get some head

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Test Taking Anxiety – Are Natural Relaxation Techniques better than Anti Anxiety Medicine for exam anxiety?

Question by Megan: Test Taking Anxiety – Are Natural Relaxation Techniques better than Anti Anxiety Medicine for exam anxiety?

Best answer:

Answer by Voicu
On the long run yes relaxation techniques are better than meds, but if you want a quick improvement i suggest meds

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