June 28, 2017

how to deal with panic attacks?

Question by : how to deal with panic attacks?
Please read this… started having panic attacks since 3 years it was a day that i stayed up all night on the computer and i started feeling very scared and i though it was gonna go away but it didn’t so sometimes i used to get them and then i started working and it all went away but now that i got laid off its been a year now there starting to come back not daily i get them like one in 5 months but i want it to stop can someone please help me i also have been thinking about everything like i think about bad stuff is gonna happen to me and i keep saying nothing’s wrong in my head and sometimes i think im going crazy because i spend almost all day doing that do ya think i should go to the doctor or just try to relax im also gonna start doing exercise do you think this would help?

Thank you everyone in advance

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Answer by randomness
I suffer from anxiety attacks, they definitely aren’t fun. I just had one come on last year in Aug and they haven’t stopped since. I saw my doctor & got on meds for anxiety and depression (the anxiety caused the depression) and since then I’ve had some sort of control over them ;) I take 0.5mg of Klonopin whenever I feel an attack start or I wake up with anxiety. I’d say see your doc if they are really bothering you, don’t live in fear of when the next attack will start..good luck to you!

Oh btw, if you feel one start…DISTRACT yourself! I always make a call and go for a walk since I never have people around. It really helps to keep your mind busy ;)

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Does anyone have any good ways to deal with panic attacks and anxiety in general?

Question by penelope224: Does anyone have any good ways to deal with panic attacks and anxiety in general?
I have been suffering from bad panic attacks since I was 17 (I’m 24 now)… my panic attacks have since subsided with my taking of Klonopin and Lexapro… which I want to wean off of, and I am currently weaning off of Lexapro. However; recently I moved and I’m in the middle of finals in summer school and when I moved I found that I had a panic attack as well as feeling very anxious.

I want to find a way, not just ‘oh breathe’… but a new way to deal with it so I can live a normal life and not fear so much. I was wondering if anyone has tried hypnosis? If so, did it work… also I want to get off meds, so please don’t recommend that. Also I want to find a way where I don’t feel anxious pretty much all the time… I just want to feel normal.

My anxiety gets so bad that I don’t want to leave my bed… in turn I get depressed…


Any advice or ideas would be great!

Thanks for taking the time to read this!
I go to therapy… and I have been on meds, which work, but I don’t want to rely on meds for my whole life… And even the meds don’t control my BAD panic attacks like I had when I went to Japan… I need to fix this… anyone know about hypnosis and anxiety?
And also, I do have a very supportive bf… but I want to be able to be strong. What if I’m on my own… I should be able to deal… and yes I am on lexapro… and Klonopin… and i have been for about a little over a year or so… and they’ve helped so much… but I guess I want to be able to get off of them eventually… and when will I ever know when the right time is…

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Answer by hba2cmom
One word… vistaril.

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What are some ways to deal with panic attacks?

Question by plege_girl: What are some ways to deal with panic attacks?
I recently had a “breakdown”. I had a lot of negative stuff hit me all at once. My husband took me to the e.r. and they monitored me for about 9 hours and released me advising me to seek mental health. I contacted my local mental health board the following work day and spent a few days in a wellness center (not a mental health hospital). I was medicated with Lexapro but it is costly. I don’t have an appt with mental health again for some time and even then it will just be an intake interview. My delimma for the time is are there any effective “home remedies” for panic attacks. I suffer from tightness in my chest, heart beating fast and nervousness. I had a panic attack yesterday an took a 0.5 xanax but I would prefer not to take something like that. I recently lost my job (another major stressor) and don’t have the money to see my family physician at this time. I just need a few pointer to help with the panic attacks until I can see someone at mental health to hep with medication…

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Answer by mylo101
I strugled with anxiety my whole life until I went and saw my doctor about it. The only way I could come down a few notches was to go and lay down or take 5-10 minutes by myself in a quiet room…breath slowly and not concentrate on what was going on around me. I did find this to be a TEMPORARY relief, but nothing compared to being on an antianxiety medication. You stress level is way to high and you have to stop worrying about the “whats going to happen next” kind of thing…take it easy…you don’t want to cause a heart attack.

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Q&A: How can I deal with panic attacks?

Question by : How can I deal with panic attacks?
I keep getting panic attacks. Whenever I hear about a heart disorder I automatically think it’s happening to me and think I`m going to die. Whenever I go to sleep I think my heart`s going to stop, as if my thinking of it will make it happen. When I walk down the street I keep thinking about how small I am in the universe and what happens when this (me) insignificant human on some planet dies. I`m just afraid of death. How can I deal with this and move on in my life?

As an added note: I’d like a little better advice then just being told to go to a therapist. If I can’t find a reasonable answer here I will, thanks.

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Answer by Jenn
here is a reasonable answer, i hope to help you X i have had terrible anxiety and depression in the past, you have to occupy yourself CONSTANTLY. if your anxiety starts from the thought of heart failure, you need to tell yourself, well yes there is a tiny chance of this happening, there is nothing you can do about that, it is out of your control, you need to do some very slow and deep breathing. when you are very anxious things around you and even your life can seem so unreal. i used to think i was living in a dream and didnt mean anything in life, i used to think about the universe and the meaning of life and end up shaking scared to death on my bed. with time and good freinds and love and counselling (talking and thought stratagies) i began to feel real and things around me started to feel good. we cant live questioning our existance if it makes us terrified, there is feelings inside of us and happiness is the one we must live for. so go ahead and do things you love.
i get sharp pains in my chest occasionally, im 18 and chances are its a bit of wind! if you feel you need a help to calm yourself, visit the doctors, they might perscribe you something to help bring you out of this anxious rut. or they might suggest a counsellor. if you can talk to someone you trust and love and vise versa, this will also help.

i hope soon, you feel better, but please give it time, there is no rush to get better, just enjoy the little joys of each day and treat yourself after every tiny little progress you make. might be just as simple as walking down the street observing life and not thinking about too much xxxxxxx

i really really hope you feel better soon, as i know how awful you feel. take care with peace xxx

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Do any of you deal with panic attacks and anxiety?

Question by : Do any of you deal with panic attacks and anxiety?
I began having panic attacks back in November. At first, I didn’t know what it was and it freaked me out completely! To make a long story as short as possible, I started to see all these doctors…even a neurologist. They quickly said that I was having panic attacks. But, mine last about 45 minutes from beginning to end. I was prescribed .25 of Xanax and instructed to take it once a day. I was under a tremendous amount of stress at the time and the Xanax did help for a while. But, once my traumatic experience ended (student teaching), I figured that it would get much better. Boy, was I WRONG! My anxiety took a turn for the worst in December and my doctor told me to try Effexor. Bad mistake. Day 1: Felt cracked out. So, got off of that medication. I tried Celexa (20 mg.) Day 1: Seriously almost died from seratonin syndrome. I had hallucinations, psychotic thoughts, burning sensations, chills, panic, nausea, etc. It was horrifying!!

So, I was then prescribed Zoloft, Ambien CR, and .25 of Xanax. I should mention that my anxiety has interfered with my ability to sleep at night…which always seems to be when my anxiety surfaces the most. Anyway, I was on Zoloft for 11 weeks. I felt some relief, but noticed that I was getting extremely dizzy in stores with florescent lighting. Also, this is important: I never was able to get on the minimum dosage of 25 mg. I only got to about 18. My doctor had me increasing slowly because of what happened with Celexa. She said I was hyper-sensitive to the medications (lucky me).

OK, so went back to the neurologist and had an EEG to make sure that I wasn’t having partial-seizures which can mimic a panic attack. The result was negative…had to be the Zoloft. Quit Zoloft and moved on to 5 mg. of Prozac. Was on Prozac and got up to 10 mg after 4 weeks, but had the WORST muscle tension, anxiety, nervousness, etc.

Therefore, my doctor told me that Lexapro was out of the question (combination between Celexa and Prozac) and that Paxil was DEFINITELY not an option because of the more serious side effects.

Now, I’m still taking Ambien CR, .25 Xanax, and 10 mg. of BuSpar (which seems to be helping slowly). But, here is my question:

Have any of you guys experienced this kind of difficulty getting onto anti-depressants?! I wonder if they aren’t working because I don’t need them and I simply need an anti-anxiety medication such as BuSpar and Xanax. Depression has only been a secondary emotion as a result from being frustrated about my anxiety. But, I still feel very hopeful.

I should note that I do see a counselor every week, try to meditate, relax, walk, etc. But, I just don’t know how to get over this!! Any suggestions?

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Answer by Peta
You should use lorazepam, it is the best about it you can get information from here http://webmd43.notlong.com/AAJ6oUh

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Answer by Jessika
I know it sucks, I have anxiety too. I guess over time you just get used to it and find ways of dealing. You may not even realize it.

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How Do I Deal With Panic Attacks During Night time?

Question by : How Do I Deal With Panic Attacks During Night time?
Im a 16 year old healthy (10lbs overweight) male and ever since last week i’ve been experiencing panic attacks i know this is hereditary because everyone on my dads side has had panic attacks.Every night i think about death and my brain would turn minor things into big things (example i had heart burn for the first time and started thinking it was heart disease, i had a small head ache and i thought it was a brain tumor, … you get the idea) I missed hours upon hours of sleep due to this i need to know how to get rid of my night time panic attacks.

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Answer by Minty Me
eat a baked potato with the skin + a little butter before you go to bed.

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