June 28, 2017

Q&A: Panic Attacks CAN cause sudden cardiac arrest?

Question by bhj618: Panic Attacks CAN cause sudden cardiac arrest?


By causing Cardiomyopathy. How true is this? This is frightening because I have had Panic attacks since 2006 and have had Premature Ventricular Contractions ever since my panic attacks started. Should I be worried?
I am 24 btw

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Answer by Scooter Power
a lot will depend on age and physical condition. I would seek treatment for the panic attacks. Have you tried hypnotherapy?

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(Panic Attacks & Depression) Whats wrong with me?

Question by : (Panic Attacks & Depression) Whats wrong with me?
I keep getting panic attacks and constantly feel like i’m going ‘mad’. my temper has become very short and i cannot sleep during the night, this then causes panic attacks, although when it comes to day time i cannot wake up and feel constantly tired. My appetite has decreased and i never feel like eating anything right to the point when i’m starving all of a sudden. I feel like i’m having a mental break down and nothing is going right. What is wrong?

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Answer by Victor
You might have some vitamin/mineral deficiency. Usually taking good amount of Calcium/Magnesium and St John’s Wart (i.e. Hypericum in capsules or liquid form) helps a lot. Follow the link below for more information on herbal and natural antidepressants.

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Q&A: What causes detachment from reality during a panic attack?

Question by hugsnpepsi: What causes detachment from reality during a panic attack?
When i have a panic attack…among other symptoms, I feel like i am going to lose control of my self and i start to feel like things are not real.

What exactly causes you to feel detached from reality?

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Social Anxiety Cause: A Bad Attitude from www.sociallypositive.com

Social Anxiety Shop -www.sociallypositive.com How Social Anxiety is caused by a bad attitude, and how to turn this around. Social Anxiety CAN be turned around by having a more positive attitude not compatible with social anxiety.

www.panic-attacks-treatment-adviser.info Panic Attacks Treatment that only addresses just the symptoms of attack or controls it for a short period of time is not a good practice. You need a lifelong management plan that emphases finding causes and trigger points and eliminating those to eliminate the panic attacks as much as possible. Video-Lesson-Lesson 6 – Taking Control of Your Health with Panic Attacks Treatment to End The Attacks goes into various options and strategies to accomplish this goal. Even though there are many treatment options for panic attacks, many sufferers are finding that changing their diet and becoming healthier is the route to feeling better. This works best for people who have found that eating certain foods trigger their panic attacks. For many, this includes very sugary foods that have no nutritional value. The first thing you should do is take stock of what you eat every day. The most helpful way to do this is to keep a food diary for a period of a few days, or even a week. Write down everything you consume — you’ll probably be surprised about what you have eaten by the end of the day! A piece of chocolate here, a few chips there, and another piece of chocolate here — it all adds up! Make sure you are getting enough of the B group of vitamins as one of your first steps. This is easier to do than cutting out foods, because you can simply take a multivitamin, or singular B vitamins depending on your deficiencies. You can visit a doctor or
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What is Anxiety ? Causes and Symptoms

www.anxietyattackstreatmentblog.com There are many different forms of anxiety panic attack and in fact, these attacks are known to occur under various different kinds of situations. It is possible that one day you will wake up and find that your heart has begun to beat uncontrollably; you are sweating like a pig and your breath is scarce. Other times, while attending a job interview or before making a speech you could suddenly start to suffer from racing of the heart, profuse sweating as well as shaking of the body along with dizziness.
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Panic Attacks During Pregnancy

www.my-panic-attacks.com Panic attacks during pregnancy can be especially frightening and need to be handled with care.
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Can bullying cause panic attacks?

Question by [ aнмad ]: Can bullying cause panic attacks?
Even before or following the daily incidents?

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Answer by Jane
absolutely, it can.

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Can a week of bad panic attacks cause head tightness?

Question by .: Can a week of bad panic attacks cause head tightness?
dizziness and chest fullness

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Answer by nella G
you may want to go the doctor because something may be wrong with Oxygen level in your body and try to limit the cause of the panic attacks
love nella G

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Panic Disorder Symptoms

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Q&A: Can excess consumption of diet coke (caffeine free) cause panic attacks?

Question by Kangarooooo: Can excess consumption of diet coke (caffeine free) cause panic attacks?

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Answer by phil
It doesnt bother my chick, and she drinks 3 or 4 diet cokes a day.

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