June 28, 2017

Why do I get these panic attacks and scream alot?

Question by e@rth@ngel: Why do I get these panic attacks and scream alot?
Since I was little anytime I would get in someone was mad at me or disagreed with me,I would start crying and screaming for hours.I know Ive been OCD my whole life and suffer from panic attacks.But was causes me to get really tense and scream alot,and why cant I calm down and think when this happens.Ive lost alot of friends because of this.Actually I have no friends at all and my family cant stand me as usual.They do really see it as an illness so I never got treatment.I was just wondering if this has happened to anyone else and how do I deal with these screaming attacks.

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Answer by Drew
wow wierd disorder, consider therapy..hard to want to be around someone like you…Wouldnt want to be around somebody constantly screamin and going crazy for no reason. I suggest medication/sedatives and therapy

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Treatment for Panic? Please Help..

Question by Humble3x3: Treatment for Panic? Please Help..
Hi, would anyone know if there is a natural or herbal remedy for panic? For the past 4 years or so I have been avoiding lots of places where there is alot of people around or the place is hard to escape (like the middle of the mall or something), because right away i start to panic and my heart starts pounding and i get dizzy and start to feel faint (almost like im just about to pass out but i never actually faint), most of the time the feeling will happen, but then on occasion it will quickly pass once i get used to the setting im in or the place is easy to escape. These little spells only last like a few seconds to a minute. I know it sounds weird but i also KNOW its all im my head. Im not depressed or anything i just want to go back to public places and not have to worry about getting those horrible feelings at all. And it mainly only happends when im not in my comfort zone (like house or at work). I dont feel like going to a psychologist and have them throw me on anti-depressents but if its a last resort i might consider (if it works). I’m 0 sure that there is nothing physicaly wrong with me, its just fear. What would you call this kind of thing? Panic Attack? Panic Disorder? Anxiety? Anxiety Disorder? Agoraphobia? or just plain Fear? Please if anyone can help me i would greatly appreciate it. I can’t continue living this way because it will only get worse as it already is. Thank You!

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Answer by davelennv
You are having panic attacks. Go see a psychiatrist and get put on some meds for this. I am on Klonopin and Prozac and feel a lot better

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Bi polar panic attacks and anxiety!!!! WTF i need help what do i do?

Question by bl4ckdo9: Bi polar panic attacks and anxiety!!!! WTF i need help what do i do?
Try to keep it short I have been dealing with bipolar disorder scents I was a young kid with no meds…. panic attacks and anxiety (GAD and Social) came on later on and I had never said anything just ketp it all in trying to deal with it…Exercise mediation and singing songs helped for awhile but is loosing its effect and adding to the stress I want to seek treatment NOW before it gets any worse…. I don’t have a Dr to go see and talk to im sure I cant go to a immediate care center so how the hell do I get treated?? Try to find a random Dr?? wont he think that Im just out to get pills?? I know some crack heads do that shit I just want and need help…

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Answer by Mr. Taco
Doctors are professionals. They know the symptoms of bipolar. They know what to look for. So if you go see one, they are not going to assume you are just looking for pills. They’ll analyze you and diagnose you. Most will end up referring you to a specialist, which is even better. Then just do whatever they tell you to do, to the letter.

Bipolar is a disease, just like cancer is a disease. It is not curable, but if you want to control the symptoms, you need to get to a doctor pronto. There is no other reasonable solution to your problem.

Good luck!

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Am I having panic attacks in my sleep or asthma? Confused, please help?

Question by : Am I having panic attacks in my sleep or asthma? Confused, please help?
I wake up in the morning with what feels like I am having a bad asthma attack. Shortness of breath to the point I use my inhaler. I am in a deep sleep and wake up with this often in the morning. Then after I do treatment to the asthma symptoms it feels like I did not sleep at all the entire night the rest of the day. I do recall when I wake up I do feel a bit panicky. However, my Dr. stated it sounds more like I am having panic attacks in my sleep that is provoking like symptoms of asthma since it only occurs during this time. He also said it’s not too common asthma patients have asthma attacks while they sleep.

I do have lucid night mares often about my ex boyfriend in the past where I was in a really bad abusive relationship with. They are about the things he did to me. Any suggestions or thoughts here? Should I try an over the counter sleep aid see if that helps?

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Answer by B0uncingMoonman@aol.com
I think you should find another doctor, for a second opinion. What is happening to you is certainly not healthy.

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Help full blown Panic Attacks Over Dentist?

Question by : Help full blown Panic Attacks Over Dentist?
Heya im pretty sure at this stage that i have to get my wisdom tooth pulled (il know 2moro after i vsit thw dentis) the thing is if i do i will freak out. Im 22 and so unbelievably scared of the dentist that i get full blown panic attacks thinkin about having to get a tooth pulled.I know a fear of the detist is normal but i get full blown panic attacks where i cant breath and freakout. i have since i can remember been so ritualistic in my toothcare routine ensuring that i never had to undergo any dental treatment other than regular check ups but now my wisdom tooth is causing sever pain and fever so i have no choice.

So i guess what i am asking is can anyone offer me any advice, tips or tactics yu take to approach the dentist god only knows what idiot i will make of myself when i go to get my tooth pulled.

Thank you in advance realy appreciate it and so sorry its kinda long to read.
Thanks xx

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Answer by J_BScN
Valium, Nitrous Oxide, Ativan, any of these (not mixed!!!) will make the dentist seem like a wonderful blur and will relax you.

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In your opinion what would be the best course of treatment for someone over the age of 50 with Panic disorder?

Question by Crazy_Fool: In your opinion what would be the best course of treatment for someone over the age of 50 with Panic disorder?
My Father is 58. he is an alcoholic and has had depression for quite some time. In the last few weeks he has been experiencing extreme panic attacks. He said he would go to the Doctor but is now refusing. I think he is becoming agoraphobic as well. As far as I can tell he will refuse treatment. I have talked to him about cognitive and behavioral therapy, but he treats me like I am 12(I am 30)and just dismisses my information. My Mom has bought him the light for light therapy, and I am againts anti-depressants(and anti anxiety) because of his extreme alcoholism. We will pay for a treatment center if we think he will go. Any suggestions for us to help him would be appreciated.
Thanks Paula we are thinking about doing an intervention, but I feel like my Mom thinks she would just be shipping him away, and she has to be willing to change her life to, I am not sure if she is willing. Unfortunately I can not be around him. I suffer from a mental illness as well and I spent the majority of my life having to deal with my Fathers alcoholism and listening to himsaying the meanest things tome, I will not willingly put myself in that situation. I just want him to get help, but right now it seems he would rather wallow in it. I guess I just need some assurance that I am doing all I can to help. I have been researching, and I found a place for him but it is in Quebec and would be 3-6 months. My MOm is the one who has to say it is time, even though I think the time is now. Thank you Paula

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Answer by Paula H
your dad needs to take one problem at a time, and unfortunately it will be up to him to make real change. You however can put resources in front of him and be as supportive as possible should he ask for or be willing to take help. You might also try intervention. It is my understanding that a health professional, and family members as a group confront the individual, being prepared to tell the truth as they see it, and state the benefits of changing and the consequences of continuing the current behaviors. as an example, if you continue to drink, you will no longer be allowed to see the grandchildren at your home. or whatever. If he gets the drinking out of the picture, perhaps some of the rest will end as well… Good Luck to you.

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Panic Attacks? Help please!?

Question by Kortknee Starr: Panic Attacks? Help please!?
I’m 19 and i’ve had panic attacks for about 4 years or so.. but here lately they have been worse than ever.. to the point i feel like i’m dying. it was so bad a few nights ago i had to go to the emergency room. they did an ekg on me and it came back normal.. they also did blood work and chest xrays and they all came back normal too. my heart rate was up to 170 so they game an adivan to calm me down and sent me home with a 20 pill prescription of it.
the pills help me.. but i still cant shake this nervous and anxious feeling in my chest constantly. i’m beginning to think it will never stop.
just wondering what is the best step to take from here for treatment.. does anyone have any techniques i could try or and advice on what they did to overcome their panic problems?

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Answer by just wondering
I struggle w anxiety and had my first panic attack this summer. Yoga has really helped me and focusing on containing my breathing has helped so much. Give it a shot

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Q&A: Panic Attacks? What do you do for them?

Question by cellis: Panic Attacks? What do you do for them?
started having panic attacks about 15 years ago. They have gotten worse over the years. I have been taking Xanax 1.5 mg and Zoloft 100 mg for about 8 years. I honestly could not function without the Xanax. It is a life saver! However; even with both meds I still have episodes almost everyday. I always get myself out of the situation in time tho before I have a full blown attack. I am so tired of living this way. I avoid restaurants and places that I know I might have one. I have been in therapy before but it didn’t seem to be helping. Does anyone have any advice for other treatment? I want so bad to live a normal life. I am tired of this disorder controlling me. I have even thought about hypnosis. Please help.
The problem is…I KNOW they are attacks and I KNOW there is no real anger. Believe me I have tried everything. When I start having one I tell myself that nothing bad is going to happen and there is no danger around and that its just snother stupid attack. But it doesn’t go away…it isn’t as bad but it’s still there.

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Answer by camembert
If you want to get back to “normal”, I think you need to start believing in yourself a bit more. You know (intellectually) that nothing bad is going to happen, but your body is trying to tell you differently. I am not qualified to say, but I don’t think the medication is helping much and you should go for a course of CBT with a really good practitioner and try to wean yourself off the drugs. I don’t know what happens for you when you have a “full blown attack”, but I am sure that you do actually survive them – nothing bad happens, the sky does not fall down, you just need to believe that.

I am not in any way belittling your symptoms, I know how crippling they are for you. Try to go a little bit further each time and take control of them.

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Stomach pain + Fatigue + Panic Attacks?

Question by Kirsty: Stomach pain + Fatigue + Panic Attacks?
Okay so I’ve had a few issues over the last couple of weeks and months, so I’ll state it as it is.

I am transgendered, currently transitioning to female. And am on anti-testosterone (puberty suppressants) however, no Estrogen replacement as of yet.

I started treatment on this about 3 months ago. On a highly potent drug most often given to women with endometriosis, but in my case, to get rid of my testosterone. (Will give the name of drug if necessary)

Around a month and a half ago, I was suffering stomach aches almost daily, and having to sleep forever, whilst still being tired when I woke up.

After laying in bed with my boyfriend, chatting, I randomly started having palpitations, chest pain, stomach pain, and had a doctor come check me. Turned out to be a nasty panic attack.

This also ended my ability to physically be capable of sports and the likes. I went in for my second injection a few weeks ago, and was generally fine. Bright and bubbly as always.

So I was fine for weeks. Then suddenly on the Monday last week, I started suffering with sleep. Not being able to feel very lively.

On Friday, I started having an uncomfortable upper abdomen, like someone pumped me full of air (yet no increase in burping or anything.) and I had a panic attack in the evening at a meal.

Since then, I have been needing 11 hours of sleep, and have woken EXHAUSTED and felt that way all day since. My stomach is constantly this way. And the biggest issue: I keep having panic attacks every night just before I get to sleep because of my stomach bugging me.

Anyone think they can offer any help?? Or input? I’ll give any information I can.

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Answer by Carla S
from what i understand, the side effects you are feeling are rather normal.
have you thought about going to a support group with other M2F? They might have some ideas to help with the side effects that the docs might not tell you about.
as to the tummy issue, does it feel like gas? have you changed your diet? exercise pattern? i wonder if it would help if you exercised before bed.

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