June 28, 2017

Can you tell me how to stop panic attacks?

Question by ibwriteon: Can you tell me how to stop panic attacks?

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Answer by karolina
simple stop panicing

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How do you stop anxiety, worry, and panic attacks without a prescription?

Question by : How do you stop anxiety, worry, and panic attacks without a prescription?
I freak out over basically everything. I have so much stress and worry and it throws me into panic mode. I really don’t want to be prescribed anything, so how do I stop naturally??

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Answer by Cathryn Elizabeth
You sound just like me! Maybe we could talk to each other about our problems and help each other?
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I need some help with my panic attacks. Is there anyway to stop and overcome panic attacks?

Question by : I need some help with my panic attacks. Is there anyway to stop and overcome panic attacks?
Yesterday I had one (first time in a while)… I ended up going to the ER when the doctor told me it was “just” a panic attack.

I’m really tired of all of this so is there some way I can stop or overcome my panic attacks? I really need some help here… thanks

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Answer by Chickyy
Not sure if there is. I used to get them all the time too. It just depends on how much stress you are under. If they do get to the point where you have them like twice a week, i’m sure you could go to the doctor and they could prescribe you with some medication.

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Q&A: How can I stop anxiety…panic attacks?

Question by Reneir: How can I stop anxiety…panic attacks?
I keep getting anxiety…little panic attacks…had been drinking lots of beer most of the summer… stopped drinking on sunday…still feel not good at all. How long will the anxiety last? How long will it take for body to come back to normal?

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how to stop panic attacks?

Question by zach b: how to stop panic attacks?
ok, ive always thought about my breathing, and when i think about it(which is way to much!)it feels like i have to change the way i breathe to breathe regularly. Well Ive always though i had a generalized anxiety disorder, but now i KNOW i do. I was home alone today(this ussually makes me more anxious)and alot of bad thoughts were going in my mind(my bad eating habits, my possible gad, my breathing etc). and i tried tro black them out while playign guitar hero. guitar hero made it worse. THe game made me think about my breathing more. When i stopped, i eventaually had my first panic attack after trying to calm down by going to sleep(made it worse after 1 second trying to fall asleep). So i know why and how i had a panic attack, so how do i stop it from happening again? Im afraid to try to go to sleep tonight because of it. Im in shock, and keep on wondering “why did that happen to me” and ” did that REALLY jsut happen?” I just want to never have 1 again(it was my first one).

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Answer by Gauchito
Talk to Melfi…

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How to stop Panic Attacks?

Question by Teeni: How to stop Panic Attacks?
Well, I used to suffer with them years ago, and it was like I couldn’t breathe AT ALL. Then I got over them. Now, I have just started college in September. I had my first one the day after my induction day at college. This was mid-September. It not a full blown thing. I’m not even sure its a panic attack. It just like I find it difficult to breathe. I have to take long deep breaths to breathe.

I have just got over a really bad cough/cold the other day and now have started getting these attacks again…I am not worried about anything and am feeling really happy! So why am I getting them?????

Also, I have been taking Rescue Remedy but I am at college tomorrow and need to know of some good ways to stop them, or make them better…..

@Fellyp….Thanx…I understood you answer perfectly1 But I don’t add strangers…sorry! =)

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Answer by glenn w
as a sufferer of both respiratory trouble and panic attacks i can relate.
It sounds to me more like actual breathing irritation as opposed to a true panic attack this can be caused by being at the school and around so many others with the mixture of scents as that is a common irritant. My own breathing suffers as a result of some colognes or perfume scents until I get away from them. also in the mass of humanity at colleges there is also the matter of sweat as well as other personal aromas and irritants such as the increase in dead skin and hair cells floating around in the air. plus if you went away to school as opposed to locally there is environmental changes as well.
most of these things the body will adjust to fairly quick.
although it could be mild panic due to starting school as well.
In either case a series of slow controlled breaths will help out in through the nose out through the mouth. slow and deep as you can comfortably do. if it is actually panic the focused breathing will help alleviate the tension that you aren’t aware of plus the increased oxygen will help you focus in class too.
Good luck with it

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