June 28, 2017

Can you tell me how to stop panic attacks?

Question by ibwriteon: Can you tell me how to stop panic attacks?

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Answer by karolina
simple stop panicing

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  1. Lisa says:

    I went on zoloft and Buspar,does work.Try relaxing techniques like yoga.That sucks I know,see doctor if it’s really bad or everyday.Good Luck.

  2. Ashley Roo says:

    The best way(I think) is by not worrying so much about certain things.
    Go with the flow.

  3. cutenhotchick12 says:

    well i used to get them like often because of stuff that was going on..but i dont kow i just kind of stoped worrying and just relaxed a little bit i still get them but not as often and bad

  4. sunflare63 says:

    sing a christian song in your brain….automatically the attacks stop in their tracks

  5. Dr. D. Star Reader says:

    Realize that a panic attack is like a ‘false alarm’. You can stop it by conscientiously breathing very deeply and very slowly, while thinking of something that makes you feel good. Your mind can learn to be in charge of your body if you realize that is possible and practice a lot.

  6. Daily Anxiety 2 says:

    Well going to a professional would help and is really the first step. A Doc is the best person to ask. If your panicky right now just take some deep breathes and ask yourself whats the worse that can happen.
    ALso watch a movie called the secret, it helps

  7. CLICKHEREx says:

    Learn and practice the method in http://deeplyrelax.com Do it now so you will be prepared for if it happens again. Repeat in your mind the word “easy”.

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